Walking in Victory, an interjection

In response to Pastor McCallum’s belief that those born again can walk away, can give up.


Our strength does not come from ourselves but from God. He is the faithful and true one and we are the disobedient selfish ones [at times]. But who and what we are do make a difference in how we act, and how we will act. If we see ourselves as having a sin nature, then our attempts at righteous living will be our attempts at overcoming our own nature and living out our lives essentially what we are not. Simply, it would be living a lie. Now a Christian could do this, and struggle with this because God is merciful and faithful and true. But the freedom we have in Christ is freedom from the realm of darkness where we once dwelt, held captive by the base things of this world, our minds filled with futile thinking and our foolish hearts darkened and unable to see the truth.

God has delivered us from the dungeon of darkness and translated us into the kingdom of light. It’s a new day and we have new lives. We know Jesus and He has set us free. We no longer need to be in that self-defeating downward spiral, nay, we are no longer part of that world. We are Children of the Most High God. We are Eternal Princes in the Everlasting Kingdom. We are not mere men. We have a changed relationship with the Creator and Sustainer. We are His. You are His. I am His. And this life we now live we don’t live alone but we live it along side His Spirit, Love Eternal, Special and Glorious.

Now here is what we once did: we gave ourselves up to God, surrendered ourselves wholly to Him. I am not arguing the Order of salvation, whether we were born again first, or had faith first or any of that. If you surrendered to His Lordship, you are His captive. And He is your Father because He gave you a new heart and put a new spirit within you. You therefore are a CHANGED man. Where before your greatest desires were self based but debased due to sin, your deepest desires are now God based and truly self edifying. And know this: that your destiny you put into His hands. He is your Father, to raise you. He is your Shepherd, to keep you. He is your Guide, to teach you, love you, and lead you into the paths of righteousness. And because He has taken responsibility for you and for your life, you can be assured that He is ever faithful and true to lead you to Victory.

For those things that lead you astray and drag you down, and some might think can destroy you, are no match for Him, He is more desirous than the sinful pleasures of this world. He is beyond the strength of the demons you encounter. And he knows you and your needs and He is the perfect match for each and every one of them.

Now we His children can use our wills to fight Him, even as children rebel against their loving parents. We can seek to hold on the old seemingly comfortable ways we had grown to trust as coping mechanisms to deal with our sin ravaged souls broken down by our sins and the sins of others, but this truth still stands: By His stripes we ARE healed. As we learn to seek Him in our lives, where we sin, we will find His crucifixion love the balm for our pain. The relief of our suffering. Clearness of sight. Joy in the morning. And though we sin, we learn this great truth: that where sin abounds, grace super abounds. Or where our will abounds in rebellious disbelief, his grace and mercy and love are stronger still. For once we were complete rebels before Him, haters of Him, disdainers of His ways, spitters into His face, mockers of the works of His hands, and yet by that same mercy and grace and love, He gently drew us to Himself and though we deserved death and eternal punishment, He gave us Life and peace and joy.

Do you want to walk in His victory? You do if you are His child. But if you are not His child, you want to walk in your own victory. It is a matter of what and who one is. And that answer determines whose wills will prevail. Adam’s and yours or God’s and yours.

Deep down, at the core of my being, I know I am His. He wants me. The Great and Mighty One loves me. It is a strong and sure foundation for walking in faith and victory. I am built on the Rock and I will not be greatly moved. For everything that can be shaken will be shaken, but but His mercy and grace, I will not be moved. On the solid rock I stand, all other ground is sinking sand. The grace that has brought me through thus far is the grace that will lead me home. Jesus is my Savior and Redeemer. Sin will not be master over me.

Yeah, its a fight. But if God be for me, what can stand against me?

In this fight, do you think it is by your hand that your fate is ultimately decided, that you must overcome your sin nature so you do not fall away? Through poor teaching many brothers and sisters never seem to find that rest because there is no rest when your trust is in one’s self, even partly. We are always letting ourselves down. Victory comes in that rest. Struggles remain and will remain until the last earthly breathe. Our bodies and part of our understanding will always be a part of this world as long as we are in it. But our souls and are beings are forever His.

What good is a God if He can’t deliver His people?


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