The purpose of this blog is to explore various themes in the Bible. The first one is justification. Today I want to lay some groundwork on how I understand that the idea of justice, as well as any concept that God uses, is not divorced from our usual understanding. We don’t have to invent new categories or definitions to understand what God is telling us. This does not mean we can completely understand God or even a part or piece of God, but that what we do understand of Him, what he wants us to see, is based on common language and its natural interpretation of it. Today is justice. God says He is both just and justifier of those who have faith in Jesus because of the propitiation of Jesus, the shedding of His blood. He tells us He is righteous to justify sinners. Some might say simply that because God does it, it is righteous. And they are right. But can God do anything and be righteous? Be just? To understand righteousness and justice is to understand God in one certain way. To divorce our understanding of justice and righteousness fro our understanding of God by seeing His justice and righteousness in a different light is to say we either do not really understand God i that way, or we do not really understand justice and righteousness. How can God justify a sinner? How can he declare what is evil good? How can he declare one who sins as righteous?Can a judge rightfully sentence an innocent man to die for a murderer simply because such man volunteers?


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